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June 2024

Obesity and arterial hypertension are connected, and it becomes more evident in patients with severe obesity. Bariatric surgery over the past years has become the most effective treatment option for severe obesity; however, the benefits of surgery extend beyond weight loss. Bariatric surgery can improve various obesity-related complications; one such condition is hypertension. Here is an overview of how bariatric surgery can improve arterial hypertension in short- and long-term follow-ups. Hypertension is

Everybody gains weight at some point in life, but you have to monitor and control your weight before you become obese. However, losing weight and maintaining it for a long time are ongoing challenges for obese people. With the constant development of new treatment methods like specific diets, medicines, and surgical procedures, it’s becoming complex and challenging to navigate the numerous options available.  In this article, Dr. Venugopal Pareek addresses various