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Author: Bariatric Surgeon

For many people, losing weight through diet and exercise might be a disappointing and unpleasant experience. This is because they may be unable to provide the desired results alone and may look for alternative options like bariatric surgeries. The gastric sleeve and gastric balloon are two different weight loss treatments that have helped many people to gain long-lasting weight loss. Though they have some similarities, one is a surgical procedure and

With the culture of fast food and sedentary lifestyles, there is no denying that more and more people are gaining unhealthy weight. Obesity affects not only physical appearance; it almost affects every aspect of an obese person's health, from the reproductive system to respiratory function. It increases the risk of developing many life-diminishing diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiac conditions, high blood pressure, etc. Diet and exercise are popularly known options

Being overweight is one of the most concerning problems for many people around the world. This is because it leads to various health complications like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, Gallbladder disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc. So, to help people lose weight, bariatric surgery, often called weight loss surgery, has become one of the best options. However, doctors recommend this type of surgery when other weight loss techniques don’t

The gastric balloon is one solution that frequently appears while exploring the world of confusing weight loss procedures. Gastric balloon which is also known as intragastric balloon is an FDA-approved, nonsurgical treatment for weight loss. Like other weight loss procedures, gastric balloons don’t need to remove any part of your stomach.  The Gastric Balloon is fitted inside a capsule that is about the size of a large vitamin tablet. Most people

Obesity, which used to be thought of as a lifestyle disorder, has now become a serious health problem in India because many obese people are at risk of various life-threatening disorders. Obesity and its effects on health are often ignored, even though we are aware that morbid cases need surgical treatment. Diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are said to be the most common complications associated with obesity. However, obesity

It used to be widely believed that a person's weight was only influenced by their diet and level of activity. However, we have come to realise that behaviour alone doesn’t fully account for one’s weight gain. There are many other factors that have their own role in one’s gaining or losing weight, which include genetics, Economic status, local environment, stress levels, food habits, and overall health. Additionally, the quality of

Over the past few years, bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) has gained significant popularity as a promising treatment for weight loss and other obesity-related health risks. According to some researchers, in addition to weight loss, bariatric surgery may have a great positive influence on cardiovascular outcomes and mortality rates. In this blog, we will discuss the unique relationship between bariatric surgery and heart health. Also provides insights into improved mortality outcomes

Metabolic surgery which is popularly known as bariatric surgery is an effective option for treating advanced fatty liver disease, where medications and lifestyle modifications might be ineffective in most cases. If you are diagnosed with fatty liver disease, it might be time to think about having bariatric surgery as a way to lose weight and get rid of liver fat deposits. Experts classified fatty liver disease into two different types. If your

Curious to know about Gastric Balloons? Here's a brief FAQ roundup: Gastric Balloon is an advanced and effective weight loss procedure performed without surgery. Here in this weight loss method, a deflated silicone balloon is placed into your stomach and then inflated with saline to occupy space.  This limits what you eat, makes you feel fuller early and reduces hunger. This procedure doesn’t involve any permanent changes in your body like