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February 2023

The keto diet, the recent approach for weight loss, has become popular and a viable option for many people looking to reduce extra calories these days. However, a major question for bariatric surgery patients is whether a keto diet can be a suitable substitute for the surgery. A keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat dietary pattern that favors the use of fat as energy. It means, it primarily limits carbohydrate intake

If you are considering weight loss surgery in Hyderabad, you are likely dreaming of the transformations your body will undergo: losing weight, more visible curves, and feeling more vibrant. You may also think of the foods you can enjoy, the clothes that will fit and the activities you can participate in.  In the process, you may also think of the concerns about the possibilities for loose skin following bariatric surgery as

Gastric balloons and lap bands are two revolutionary weight-loss procedures with advanced technology. The gastric balloon is a minimally invasive procedure where a deflated balloon is inserted into the stomach and then filled with a sterile saline solution. As a result of this procedure, a person consumes less food. A lap band is a more invasive procedure, where a band is placed around the top of the stomach to create

Do you know there are techniques for losing weight without undergoing surgery or sweating for hours in the gym?  We hope that most of you wish you could lose weight without spending hours at the gym. Thinking of ways to get what we want quickly is human nature, but only sometimes it may be possible to find shortcuts in every situation. However, a short procedure to lose weight without spending hours