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March 2024

Obesity is a complicated medical disorder affecting millions of individuals around the world. It also contributes to multiple obesity-related health complications like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc. Modifying obese people's lifestyles by introducing a specific diet and physical activity plan has been one of the best options for losing weight for so long. However, some people with severe obesity or obesity-related comorbidities require medical interventions. With increased research and developing

The reasons why we want to lose weight will be different for everyone.  However, fertility might not cross our minds as one of the reasons. Unfortunately, many of us think fertility issues are mostly related to women, but this is not true. Excess body weight, either in men or women, can have an equal effect on reproductive health. Most of us are aware that obesity can harm our physical well-being and

Ramadan is one of the biggest festivals for Muslims around the world. They almost celebrate it for a month, so the whole month is marked as sacred and important in the Islamic calendar. During these Ramadan days, almost every Muslim individual will be devoted to fasting from sunrise to sunset. It’s an opportunity for self-reflection and mostly focuses on spirituality and family. Many people believe that this holy month provides