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November 2023

Following bariatric surgery, patients must follow the doctor's recommended diet plan to ensure a successful and smooth recovery. This diet plan involves different phases in which only liquid foods are given in the initial phases for a while, and other foods will be added slowly to the diet in later phases. If you are planning to undergo bariatric surgery, you may be wondering what to eat and how to eat in

Being overweight can be stressful because it greatly impacts your personal and private lives. We know many of you have tried various weight loss options to lose those extra pounds, especially through diet and exercise, but we heard from many patients that there has been no progress. When nothing helps you lose your extra weight, bariatric surgery would be the best possible option because it provides promising results. There are different

People who have undergone bariatric surgery might be anxious to return to their everyday activities and regular work. You have to realize that bariatric surgery is a major surgical process that makes some significant changes in your body. So it takes some time to realign itself to the new, positive changes. Give some time to your body and yourself to let the change take effect. After 1-2 weeks following bariatric surgery,