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Tips to prevent loose skin Post – Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is a top procedure to treat obesity by shedding weight. Bariatric surgery is a major surgical procedure that helps with quick weight loss, but people may experience certain challenges, like excess skin. This is a common side effect that may last a few months. 

If you are thinking of having a weight loss procedure and are concerned about how to manage loose skin post-surgery, don’t worry; there are many effective ways to manage and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Every individual who undergoes bariatric surgery might not experience loose or saggy skin. However, it is a natural side effect of the surgery due to rapid and significant weight loss. Due to increasing weight, your skin becomes stretched over a long period of time, compromising the elastic nature of your skin. 

When you lose weight, due to the compromised elasticity of the skin, it may result in loose or saggy skin, causing discomfort and affecting your body image. Your body takes time to adjust to its new changes. The quantity of loose or saggy skin that appears after bariatric surgery varies from one person to another depending on many factors, like total weight loss, age, genetics, and the rate of weight loss. 

Here are a few tips to prevent saggy skin that appears after weight loss surgery.

Taking preventive measures following surgery to prevent loose skin is a smart move. It can aid in the overall results of your weight loss journey. It may be tough to prevent loose skin completely because of sudden weight loss, but if you follow certain strategies, you can minimise its occurrence.

Patience is the key

Patience after weight loss surgery is very important, especially when managing loose skin. Rapid weight loss doesn’t give the skin enough time to adapt to new body changes. It takes time to shrink and reshape itself. Over time, your skin becomes firmer and more toned.

Hydration and nutrition

After bariatric surgery, a well-balanced diet and hydration play a key role in losing weight and preventing loose skin. Plan your diet with special foods rich in vitamins and nutrients like vitamin C and collagen, as they improve skin elasticity and appearance.  

Drink more water, as it keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. Dehydration improves the risk of sagging and wrinkling skin.

Exercise regularly

A regular exercise program is highly recommended after bariatric surgery to maintain lost weight. However, it also helps improve the elasticity of the skin. Certain strength training exercises build muscle mass and restore some loose skin. Cardiovascular exercises can enhance blood circulation, but most of us don’t know that they promote healthier skin.

Use salt scrubs

Salt scrubs are one of the most effective ways to improve the elasticity of the skin after weight loss procedures like gastric sleeve surgery. While you take a bath, scrub with sea salt or any other salt twice a day. According to some researchers, salt scrubs can boost blood flow, which ultimately improves skin elasticity.


Yoga helps bariatric patients in many ways. Practising yoga at least three times a week helps reduce stress and improves the skin’s appearance.


Massages promote blood circulation and boost the lymphatic system, which manages body fluid levels. Proper blood flow brings oxygenated blood and nutrients that help nourish the skin and improve its elasticity and firmness. Massages post bariatric surgery can help in many ways, which include restoring the overall health of the skin, minimising swelling, and inflammation, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation. 

Quit smoking

For healthy skin, you should avoid smoking because the toxins in tobacco damage collagen and elastin, which results in wrinkles and saggy skin.  

Surgical options

Loose skin that doesn’t respond to non-invasive techniques can be fixed with corrective procedures. Body contouring and skin removal surgery are popular surgical procedures that contribute to achieving a smooth, firmer appearance. For these surgical procedures, you should consult qualified plastic surgeons.

Bariatric surgery benefits outweigh the side effects, like loose skin. However, depending on individual circumstances and requirements, bariatric surgeons, dietitians, and plastic surgeons can help you manage post-op complications like saggy skin. Dr. Venugopal Pareek, one of the best bariatric surgeons in Hyderabad, is committed to providing comprehensive support to patients throughout their weight loss journey. Call +91 91777-77715 to book your appointment with the doctor.


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