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February 2024

Obesity in children and teenagers is one of the most pressing public health problems, especially in the present generation. Over the past few decades, childhood obesity has increased steadily. About 1 in 10 children around the world are at risk of obesity due to their unhealthy dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles, genetic predispositions, and environmental influences. Along with excess weight, childhood obesity might increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular

If you have undergone bariatric surgery for weight loss and still haven't met your weight loss goals or are experiencing any post-surgical complications, we can help. Dr. Venugopal Pareek, one of the best bariatric surgeons in Hyderabad, is highly experienced in revision bariatric procedures and can help you fix or improve previous weight loss surgery. Generally, bariatric surgery offers promising outcomes for those who are dealing with excess weight or obesity,

Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure suggested for obese people whose BMI is 35 or more. It is a life-changing procedure that not only helps with significant weight loss but also addresses many obesity-related health conditions. As it is a major surgery, it might deliver some unwanted outcomes, such as excess skin or saggy skin, due to the rapid loss of fat, especially near the abdominal area.  For women, along with