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What is Laparoscopy Surgery?

What is laparoscopy surgery?

Laparascopy Surgery is a kind of surgery where minimal cuts / incisions are made on the patient body and the surgical procedure is performed using thin instruments. Once the cut is made, the inside of the body is seen through small video cameras. The instruments which are used in this surgical procedure are of a very small size, something which can easily be inserted into a human body.

Previously viewing the inside region of the body was a problem but not in the case of laparoscopy surgery, the surgeon can have a very good view of the region where he/she needs to perform the surgery.

Conventional Laparoscopy surgical procedures could not emulate all the functions of a human hand, Doctors found it more convenient to use their hand in performing the surgical procedure, certain abdominal procedures where difficult or impossible through Conventional Laparoscopy.

Things changes after the introduction of the hand-access devices, using these devices the surgeons are able to do all the surgical actions which were previously only possible through physical hand.

Laparoscopy surgeries of the liver, pancreas and other abdomen regions have very high success rate.


History of laparoscopy can be divided into Before  and after the invention of micro-chip based television camera.

Before the television camera came into being,  laparoscopy surgeries were not that popular, Georg Kelling of Germany performed the first laparoscopy surgery on dogs.

Hans Christian Jacobaeus (known to have performed the first lap surgery in humans).

After the television cameras were introduced many experienced surgeons made incremental improvements in the laparoscopy field, Other noted laparascopy surgeons during this era were Raoul Palmer, Kurt Semm and Clarke.

Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery

The field of Laparoscopy surgery gained much prominence after the advent of robotic laparascopic surgery. In this space the surgery is performed by a robotic arm which is controlled by the surgeon who is seated near the patient. The surgeon performs the surgery using joystick kind of devices, the surgeon has a very good 3 dimensional view of the patient body, the robotic arm are very advanced and can perfectly replicate all the actions of a human hand.

The most popular robotic device is the Da Vinci System, this robotic device allows superior visual 3d view and has high precision in performing the surgical procedure.

Other popular robotic laparoscopic device is the Transenterix device, this device has the record of performing surgery with a single incision instead of several in case of other laparascopic devices.

These kind of robotic devices have greater applicability in remote or rural areas where there is dearth of experienced surgeons, these devices also have lot of application in the defence sector, during wars the surgeons team can conveniently operate the injured soldiers from a safer place.

Few of the important advantages of these robotic devices are

  • Very few incisions
  • Simulation environments: 3D simulation of the surgical procedures can be practiced by the surgeons, this improves their surgical skills
  • Shaky hands of the surgeons are avoided as these electronic devices work with very minimal vibrations
  • High resolution viewing area of the surgical region

Laparascopic Systems used in Bariatric Surgery

There are many popular systems which are used in the bariatric procedures, few of the popular one are listed below


Known to be a effective tool and highly safe device


A popular device with the surgeons, most of the bariatric surgeons prefer LapBand for performing

weight loss surgery. Its a minimally invasive tool, which performs the surgery with very

high precision.

Ethicon Bariatric devices

The Ethicon company based bariatric devices are the other popular tools with the

bariatric surgeons. This company is focused on developing very advanced laparascopic

devices for the bariatric surgeons.

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