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Bariatric Surgeon India

Diabetes treatment with metabolic surgery

An interesting finding has been made by the research team at Lund University Sweden.

Diabetic patients who undergo metabolic surgery (bariatric surgery) have been noticed to recover from diabetes. This strange but positive phenomenon has been observed just few days after patients undergo metabolic surgery.

Scientists at the Lund University are trying to understand what are the possible factors for the reversal of diabetic symptoms, Nils Wierup (researcher involved in this study) is trying to understand the reasons behind this and trying to replicate the same without metabolic surgery.

This development is really a boon for type 2 diabetic patients. If a bariatric procedure can help diabetic patients it would be a big relief for all type 2 diabetic patients all over the world.
Researchers are working hard to unravel the reasons behind such reversal. Clinical trials are being done in both humans and pigs, the reason pigs are choosend for this trial is pigs are anatomical very
close to humans. The gastrointestinal hormones are similar in pigs and humans.

If less extensive gastric bypass relieve the patients of diabetic patients than most of the chronic symptoms could be eliminated thus improving the quality of lives for the diabetics.

It is understood that gastrointestinal tract plays an important role in glucose homeostasis, researchers are suspecting that metabolic surgery dramatically changes the gastrointestinal bacterial flora as the pH is also changing, this is a precursor for other bacterias can thrive similarly.
This research work is still in a very nascent stage, extensive clinical trials needs to be done to clearly
ascertain the impact of bariatric procedures in handling type diabetes mellitus ailment.

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