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July 2016

An interesting finding has been made by the research team at Lund University Sweden. Diabetic patients who undergo metabolic surgery (bariatric surgery) have been noticed to recover from diabetes. This strange but positive phenomenon has been observed just few days after patients undergo metabolic surgery. Scientists at the Lund University are trying to understand what are the possible factors for the reversal of diabetic symptoms, Nils Wierup (researcher involved in this study)

The medical world is of the view that Metabolic Surgery is the most suitable treatment procedure for type 2 diabetes mellitus. In general bariatric procedures have proved  how efficacious  in controlling the complications of Type Two Diabetes Mellitus[T2DM]. Better glycemic control, durable weight loss and overall improvement in quality of life can be achieved using bariatric procedures more especially metabolic surgery. Metabolic Surgery can be divided into restrictive and combination type Restrictive Metabolic Surgeries Malabsorptive

Metabolic Syndrome refers to the risk factors which will make a person prone to stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Any abnormality in the metabolic activity might lead to metabolic syndrome. A person having any of the following symptoms is said to have Metabolic Syndrome High Blood Pressure Blood pressure levels indicate the amount of stress our heart is subject to, high blood pressure levels is indicative of cardiac problems. High triglyceride level Triglycerides are kind

The recent introduction of Fat Tax by the Kerala government is a welcome move in discouraging people from eating junk food. Though the fast food companies are fuming at this decision it will definitely deter people from eating high calorie food. Globally Obesity is a major problem, in countries like USA, the government is taking stringent actions against fast food companies, they are concerned about the alarming rise in the

The conventional Thyroid test (TSH) does not detect the presence of Hypothyroidism all the time. Hypothyroidism refers to the low thyroid activity. Its been noted in multiple surveys that people with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune disease can have a very normal TSH level. In order to diagnose  patient suffering with low thyroid activity their TSH levels should be over 4.50 uU/ml, but in case of patients suffering with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune disease the TSH

Morbidly obese people can get relieved of their excess weight if they go for Gastric Bypass Surgery. The most preferred gastric bypass surgery is also known as Roux-en-Y.Before dwelling into the benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery let's try to understand what exactly is done during this surgery. The surgeon tries to restrict how much your stomach can hold, the amount of food in our stomach impacts how the calories are absorbed