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Bariatric Surgeon India

Diabetic Young Adults finding difficult to get married

Young people diagnosed as Diabetic are a big NO in the matrimony market.

There are growing apprehensions about the quality of life of a diabetic after marriage. There are many doubts about the male fertility, many parents of prospective brides think diabetic males have infertility, erectile dysfunction problems.

This is not always true, Doctors are giving assurance that a Diabetic male can become a father and Diabetes will not be a hindrance.

Similarly Diabetic woman in their 20s can become mother provided they take some simple precautions. Following precautions should be taken 6 months before a diabetic woman plans to conceive.

Go for A1C test to check whether blood sugar levels are under control
Test blood and urine for diabetes related kidney complications, similarly look for other problems related to Diabetes like organ, nerve or heart damage.

  1. Check your blood pressure, ensure that you are not having Thyroid
  2. Get your eye examined for glaucoma / retinopathy
  3. Cholesterol levels should be normal
  4. Triglycerides should also be checked
  5. Once your diabetic doctor confirms all the above parameters are under control then you can pretty well plan to conceive.

Steps to take after the onset of Pregnancy

Check your blood sugar levels regularly, this should be very much under control. Any abnormal sugar levels will lead to lots of complications for the baby like abnormal increase in weight, defects in the growth of organs etc.

The advancements in the healthcare field have made conceiving and delivering a healthy baby very much possible for Diabetics.

In order to avoid or aggravate diabetic complications try to ensure that young woman suffering with diabetes should keep their weight under control. Many woman always ponder about how to reduce weight. There are many surgical / non-surgical methods to reduce weight.

If conceiving a child an urgency and if you are over weight, then rapid weight reduction programs can be tried.

In non surgical approach bariatric surgery is one option to reduce the weight.

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