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Is Pregnancy Safe After Bariatric Surgery?

Your quality of life can be improved in many ways after bariatric surgery. Among its many benefits, its ability to influence fertility and pregnancy in a positive way is a boon to women. So pregnancy is safe after bariatric surgery (weight-loss surgery), moreover, you might be in better health to conceive.

Following bariatric surgery, you will need some time to recover and adapt to the new diet and lifestyle changes that are necessary to lose weight. Eventually, you will achieve a stable weight, and your body and mind will adjust to the new you.

There is no doubt that both undergoing bariatric surgery and wanting a child after the procedure is a life-changing decision. So to ensure that your growing family is healthy, it’s essential to understand what to do, and what not to do. Dr. V Pareek, Bariatric Surgeon discussed a few important points about weight loss surgery and pregnancy in this article that everyone needs to know.

Can Weight Loss Aid in Conception?

It is true that bariatric surgery can increase fertility. 

Obese women are at risk of developing many health complications like PCOS, and irregular menstrual cycles and during pregnancy, they may experience preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, miscarriage etc.

You are significantly less likely to experience these complications during pregnancy after having bariatric surgery. 

Many parts of your body, especially your reproductive system, are greatly strained by being overweight. So, having bariatric surgery can improve your chances of getting pregnant. It aids in achieving a healthier pregnancy and also improves the overall health of both the mother and baby. For example, bariatric surgery can help to improve the mother’s blood sugar control, which can reduce the risk of developing diabetes later in life.

A healthier you results from losing weight. And it is also best to lose weight before pregnancy so that you are better prepared to handle the changes that will occur during pregnancy.

What is the right time to conceive after bariatric surgery?

Immediately after surgery, women shouldn’t attempt to conceive because bariatric procedures result in rapid weight loss. Dr. Venugopal Pareek, one of the senior-most bariatric surgeons in Hyderabad, recommends that women should wait 12 to 18 months following any bariatric surgery to get pregnant. 

He clearly explains to all his patients, how waiting benefits them for a healthy pregnancy. You’ll have more time to lose fat before getting pregnant if you wait since weight loss must be put on hold if you are pregnant. Some other benefits of delaying conception are that it stabilizes the vitamin levels in your body, and lowers the chance of foetal malnutrition and other complications like preterm delivery and low birth weight also reduced.

Is pregnancy safe after surgery?

Yes, pregnancy is safe after bariatric surgery but it comes with some risks. There are three main risks to keep in mind:

Nutritional Deficiencies

Pregnancy requires a lot of nutrients, and if you’ve had bariatric surgery, you may be at risk for nutritional deficiencies. This is because bariatric surgery can reduce the amount of nutrients your body can absorb.

Make sure to take a multivitamin and eat a well-balanced diet to reduce your risk of deficiencies.


Pregnancy can cause dehydration, and if you’ve had bariatric surgery, you may be at an increased risk. This is because bariatric surgery can reduce the amount of fluids your body can absorb.

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and avoid becoming overheated to reduce your risk of dehydration.

Excessive Weight Gain

Pregnancy can cause excessive weight gain. As your diet changes during pregnancy, you may be at an increased risk of weight gain even if you’ve had bariatric surgery. So ensure that you stay close to experts during and after your pregnancy journey until your weight is stabilized. 

You do not have to give up on your weight loss goal because you want have a baby. Just be aware of your weight and what you are doing at all times.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. If you have any questions related to pregnancy and gastric bypass surgery or other weight loss procedures or want to undergo bariatric surgery, the bariatric surgeon team headed by Dr. V Pareek, at Care Hospitals can help you achieve your wellness goals.

To know more about the weight loss options that suits you, contact us today. Call +91 91-777-77715  to book an appointment. You will always find help and guidance from our knowledgeable staff as you continue on your journey to your ideal weight.

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