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Bariatric Surgeon India

Loosing weight Rapidly

Youth especially women tend to be very conscious of their body weight. Slim personalities are in vogue and health wise its always advisable to not put on extra pounds of weight.

Eating low carb food
Low intake of carbohydrates in the daily diet has very good impact on the weight of a person. Carbs are known to increase the weight, thus minimizing carb intake reduces the risk of weight gain

Having good sleep
Increased work pressure and tendency to live a very active night life has disturbed the metabolic cycle.
When metabolism gets affected then the body starts behaving very weirdly, one of the affect of this is the increased weight. We should curtail all these and try to hit the bed by 10pm. Having 6-8 hours of sleep completely recharges a person.

Drink lots of water
Avoid beverages like colas other fizzy drinks. Have lots of water, water has the ability to slim-down as it has zero calories, carbs and little no sodium.

More water intake kick starts metabolism, also flushes out additional water weight.

Avoid Maida based food
Indian food recipes use maida very liberally, having this very regularly has a detrimental effect on a body weight and overall health is also disturbed.

This article is a general awareness information about reducing weight rapidly, if you are desirous of reducing weight rapidly then consult a qualified doctor who is also the good bariatric surgeon.