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Bariatric Surgeon India

Reduce overweight with Healthy eating

Increased weight is cause for so many ailments, reduce overweight by following these eating tips

Have Coffee without Sugar
Many research findings have proved that Coffee has lots of anti-oxidants which are good for health and they also aid in reducing weight naturally. If reducing weight is your primary goal then Its important to have coffee without sugar thus avoiding the negative affects of sugar.

Avoid Sugary Drinks
Avoiding colas, milk shakes and other beverages where sugar is used prominently.
Whenever we goto any coffee shop or a restaurant for a quick bite always prefer unsweetened drinks.

Reduce intake of Refined Carbs like White Flour
Refined carbs are a big NO, they tend to disturb the natural metabolic activity. Also white flour (maida) is one of the main reason in increased Incidence of Diabetes. Refined carbohydrates tend to add lots of extra calories which in-turn increase the body weight.

Do fasting
Occasional fasting is good to rejuvenate the digestive system. Urban living has lead to undisciplined food habits which put lot of strain on our digestive system.
Try to alter this cycle by fasting once a week. During this fasting have nothing for breakfast, lunch and break your fast with a very light dinner, this meal should consist of minimal intake of fruits.

Have Green / Herbal Tea without sugar
Herbal Tea or Green Tea consists of lots of anti-oxidants and nutrients which tend to reduce body weight. Have these healthy drinks twice a day without sugar.


This informative article is a healthy living initiative of Bariatric Surgeon India. We are pioneers in overweight reduction programs using surgical methods.

Surgical reduction of over weight should be considered when all conventional weight reduction methods fail.