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June 2023

Metabolic surgery which is popularly known as bariatric surgery is an effective option for treating advanced fatty liver disease, where medications and lifestyle modifications might be ineffective in most cases. If you are diagnosed with fatty liver disease, it might be time to think about having bariatric surgery as a way to lose weight and get rid of liver fat deposits. Experts classified fatty liver disease into two different types. If your

Curious to know about Gastric Balloons? Here's a brief FAQ roundup: Gastric Balloon is an advanced and effective weight loss procedure performed without surgery. Here in this weight loss method, a deflated silicone balloon is placed into your stomach and then inflated with saline to occupy space.  This limits what you eat, makes you feel fuller early and reduces hunger. This procedure doesn’t involve any permanent changes in your body like

Diabetes is among the chronic metabolic disorders distinguished by high blood sugar levels caused as a result of the body's inability to produce insulin or use insulin properly. Insulin is a key hormone which helps to control the metabolism of glucose in the body. Millions of people all over the world are being affected by type 1 and 2 diabetes which can lead to severe complications if not treated properly.  However,

Millions of people around the world are suffering from arthritis, a prevalent chronic disease that can cause joint pain, stiffness, and decreased mobility. Because of the added strain on joints that bear your body weight, arthritis may become even more harmful for those who are obese. However, for individuals who choose to have bariatric surgery to deal with their obesity concerns, there is, still some hope over arthritis as well.   Bariatric