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Frequently asked questions about Gastric Balloon

Curious to know about Gastric Balloons? Here’s a brief FAQ roundup: Gastric Balloon is an advanced and effective weight loss procedure performed without surgery. Here in this weight loss method, a deflated silicone balloon is placed into your stomach and then inflated with saline to occupy space. 

This limits what you eat, makes you feel fuller early and reduces hunger. This procedure doesn’t involve any permanent changes in your body like bariatric surgeries. It is temporary and can be reversed. Typically the balloon stays in your stomach for six months and helps in losing weight. Consulting a medical expert is important because negative effects and eligibility vary from one person to another.

What is the cost of a gastric balloon procedure?

The cost of  Gastric Balloon  depends on many factors. It changes from country to country, city to city and even patient factors also influence the cost of this procedure. The cost of  Gastric Balloon procedure in Hyderabad is between Rs. 2,85,000 to  3,00,000.

How much weight can I lose with the gastric balloon?

The weight loss achieved with the gastric balloon varies based on individual factors and relies on a comprehensive lifestyle program recommended by your doctor and concerned health team. Generally, most people can achieve 15-20% of total body weight, which means a 100kg person can hope to lose 15-20 kg on average. Ultimately, your commitment to following professional advice determines the amount of weight you can lose and maintain.

How my weight loss journey be like?

After having an intragastric balloon inserted, almost 90% of individuals experience absolutely zero hunger. Most people will be on a liquid diet during the first week. People will lose 3-8kg in the two weeks.

After a couple of weeks, your appetite might begin and people that they get full for just two spoons of yoghurt. Eat very slowly and carefully during this time. Do not overeat because it can lead to bloating, reflux, or indigestion. 

Over the 6th or 8th weeks, you may be able to eat more but the quantity you eat previously. Your weight loss might slow down here.

In most people, 90% of the weight loss is obtained during the first 3 months and the next 3 months is the weight maintenance period.

Are there any other complications with the usage of the gastric balloon?

For over a decade, intragastric balloons have been widely used worldwide. Complications associated with this procedure are exceptionally rare and can generally be effectively managed. Some of these include:

  • Reflux oesophagitis
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Bleeding 
  • sudden balloon Deflation 
  • Gastric perforation

Most of these complications can be prevented completely by using the right medication and following the recommendations as prescribed by the surgeon.

Does the gastric balloon limit my activities?

in the first week after the procedure, it is recommended to avoid strenuous activities. However, once your body adapts to the gastric balloon, you can resume your regular routine. It is highly advised to include a consistent exercise regimen as it enhances your possibilities of success. However, activities like skydiving, SCUBA diving, and bungee jumping are not recommended while the gastric balloon is in place.

Can pregnant women and breastfeeding women opt for a gastric balloon?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding days are not appropriate time periods for weight loss efforts. Trying significant weight loss during these stages can hinder the growth and development of your baby. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid intragastric balloons and other weight loss procedures until the pregnancy and breastfeeding period is done. 

In some cases, women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) may experience increased fertility with weight loss. That is why while the gastric balloon is in position contraception is crucial. If you become pregnant with having the balloon in your stomach, it will be safely removed when it’s time, usually during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Other than that, the existence of a gastric balloon has not been associated with any complications for the mother or the child.

Is it possible to place multiple gastric balloons?

Placing multiple balloons at a time is not possible, but consecutive placement is possible. Some patients opt to replace the balloon at the time of removing the first balloon, and there are people who have continued this practice for four years or even longer. This sequential utilization of intragastric balloons contributes to sustained weight loss over many years. 

How are gastric balloons removed?

The removal process of the intragastric balloon is the same as its placement. An endoscope is the device used by your doctor to drain its contents, and gently extract it through your mouth from the stomach. The entire removal procedure is typically completed in under 30 minutes.

There are many other things to know about gastric balloon procedures. If you are looking for any weight loss procedure in Hyderabad, you can consult Dr. Venugopal Pareek, a top bariatric surgeon in Hyderabad. He has nearly two decades of experience in performing various types of weight loss surgeries or bariatric surgeries in Hyderabad. For an appointment, you can call us at 91-777-77715 and book your slot.

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