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Can the Gastric Balloon Result in Long-Term Weight Loss & Is it a Viable Solution to Obesity?

Approximately 650 million adults, 340 million adolescents and 39 million children around the world are suffering from being overweight or obese. These people are at higher risk of developing various obesity related health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and liver disease. However, if they can lose just 10% of their weight the risk of many health problems would decrease. To lose weight there are a number of effective weight loss procedures available and each has their own advantages.

Bariatric surgeries are invasive but expensive and pharmacological methods are comparatively less effective. Gastric balloon which is also called intra-gastric balloon is an FDA approved procedure which is somewhere in-between the two.

The gastric balloon procedure is among the best non-surgical weight loss treatments that helps you to reduce extra weight in obese people by decreasing the amount of space in the stomach. It may be temporary, but an effective solution for losing weight in a short time. Once you lose weight you can maintain it for a long time.

Gastric Balloon

A gastric balloon is made up of silicone rubber /Polyurethane that is soft, smooth, and long-lasting. It is made to be inserted into the stomach to decrease its capacity and make you feel fuller even if you take less food.

The balloon is inserted in deflated form into the stomach through the mouth by an expert doctor with the help of a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope or without endoscope (Allurion). Once the balloon is in place then it is inflated with saline solution (saltwater) so that it can occupy some space inside the stomach, restricting large quantities of food and drink. The balloon floats freely in the stomach for a few months.

The intention of this procedure is to make you feel full faster after consuming a small meal, and maintain it for longer periods of time. So that you don’t have to rely on unhealthy snacks because you may not feel hungry between meals.

Does Gastric Balloon Result in Long-Term Weight Loss?

Yes, gastric balloon procedure is a great way that can provide long-term weight loss, but outcomes may differ from person to person. A balloon is inserted into the stomach as part of the treatment, and it is often kept within the stomach for six months to restrict the quantity of food that can be consumed. 

Many researchers have demonstrated that most people who undergo the procedure can lose between 10-15% of their body weight or 30-40% of their excess weight within a short time. However, researchers also say that people who undergo this gastric balloon procedure need to make some permanent changes to their diet and exercise plan to maintain their long-term weight loss goals, otherwise they may regain some or all of the lost weight.

Why is gastric balloon treatment needed?

In obese people, it becomes more and more hard to lose weight through diet and exercise alone due to the changes in your body. Expansion of the stomach is one of the major changes due to obesity. This stretching of the stomach allows it to hold a larger quantity of food, thus it takes more time for you to feel full, which leads to overeating. Because of this, the majority of medical weight-loss methods attempt to limit your stomach’s capacity in some way.

However, this intragastric balloon procedure evolved as a best alternative for the other existing weight loss treatments. This procedure doesn’t require surgery to insert a balloon. So, it can be a good alternative for people who cannot get bariatric surgery or for people looking for non-surgical weight loss methods.

After six months, patients can typically lose around 18 kg of weight. Gastric balloons can also be used for morbidly obese people as some individuals need to lose some weight before surgery. They are also the best alternatives for someone who fears undergoing an invasive surgical operation. It is the short and best solution to obesity when other weight loss options become ineffective or unavailable. For more detailed information consult Dr. Venugopal Pareek, one of the few weight loss surgeons who excelled in performing gastric balloon surgery in Hyderabad. Call to +91 91-777-77715 for appointment bookings.

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