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Bariatric Surgeon India

Why should you choose Bariatric Surgery over liposuction for weight loss?

Sometimes patients confuse between liposuction and bariatric procedures like Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass and Gastric Band Surgery etc. In fact bariatric surgery and liposuction are completely different surgical procedures with different outcomes. 

This article can help you to understand the differences between bariatric surgery and liposuction. However, Dr. Pareek, best bariatric surgeon in Hyderabad says that it is best to consult a doctor, so that you can get a clear picture of these two treatments.   

Differences between liposuction and bariatric procedures

Liposuction is not a technique to help people lose weight, and it is not advised for those who are excessively overweight or obese. Liposuction is said to be a cosmetic procedure where the extra fat deposits under the skin’s surface are extracted out through small incisions. The main reason to do this surgery is to shape or contour your physique. 

Liposuction is typically performed to remove excess fat deposits in specific areas of the body that do not respond to diet and exercise like abdomen, thighs, hips, and arms. However, a person who undergo liposuction should not expect to lose a significant amount of weight.

Yes, liposuction might produce visible results following surgery in the form of reduced fat visible in the operated area. Liposuction one of the safest and simple cosmetic procedure that gives you immediate body shaping in the targeted region. However, it’s not an ideal option for a person who desire weight loss.

On the other hand Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure to promote weight loss and it involves altering the anatomy of your digestive system. Bariatric surgery is a collection of treatments aimed to provide a person with a comprehensive and long-lasting weight loss and an improvement of all weight-related health issues.

Even if they are appealing, non-surgical weight loss methods are not entirely successful or long-lasting. Bariatric Surgery gives a person gradual and controlled weight loss. Bariatric surgery is clinically proven technique to control a large number of excess weight-related diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, joint arthritis, sleep apnea, PCOS, certain type cancers etc.

Here are some reasons why bariatric surgery may be a good option for weight loss than liposuction:

Addressing the underlying causes of obesity: Underlying causes of obesity like hormonal imbalances and genetic factors can be addressed by bariatric surgery as procedure involves changing the anatomy of the digestive system. Liposuction, on the other hand, intends to eliminate fat only from specific areas of the body and does not help in addressing the exact cause of obesity.

Long-term weight loss: Bariatric surgery is proven to be safe and more effective in gaining long-term weight loss goals where as liposuction can’t promise long term weight loss goals. Patients who go through the procedure of bariatric surgery usually see greater weight loss and longer weight loss maintenance than those who have liposuction.

Improved health goals: Many health conditions linked to obesity have been shown to improve or disappear after bariatric surgery. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea are some of obesity related problems that have an improvement. Liposuction can’t provide you these health benefits.

Psychological benefits: Additionally, there are psychological advantages of bariatric surgery, which include increased confidence and self-esteem, decreased anxiety and depression. On the other hand, liposuction doesn’t offer similar psychological advantages.

There is lot more things to know about bariatric surgery. As It is a major surgical procedure, it carries some risks and need your commitment to change your lifestyle for a long time to maintain weight loss.While liposuction is a relatively simple procedure, it is best suited to eliminate unwanted fat deposits rather than as a weight loss method. You can discuss weight your goals and concerns with Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek so that he can determine which weight loss option is best for you. To book an appointment contact us at 091777 77715.


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