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Fat Tax – Will it be effective in controlling Obesity?

The recent introduction of Fat Tax by the Kerala government is a welcome move in discouraging people from eating junk food. Though the fast food companies are fuming at this decision it will definitely deter people from eating high calorie food. Globally Obesity is a major problem, in countries like USA, the government is taking stringent actions against fast food companies, they are concerned about the alarming rise in the number of obese children.

Obesity in young age is a very disturbing problem, if an over weight adolescent does not make measures to control the weight it leads to morbid obesity and eventually they will start suffering with all the health ailments associated with Obesity.

Though morbid obesity problem can be surgically controlled using bariatric surgical procedures like gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy its always good to control obesity using non-surgical measures.

Thomas Isaac, Kerala Finance Minister is facing lots of criticism for imposing the Fat Tax, the social media is going berserk with tweets like What is the difference between beef-baiter Modi and pizza-hunter Isaac? Tax will fatten Isaac’s wallet, but it won’t repulse one’s palate,”

Thomas is targeting a revenue of 10 crores through the Fat Tax, health conscious citizens, are happy with this move, they feel Fat Tax will definitely discourage people from having fast food instead they will look at other healthy eatables to avoid the fat tax.

The central govt should take note of Kerala’s Finance ministers innovative ways of increasing the tax revenue, infact Mr. Jaitely should also consider similar tax at the central level on the fast food companies.

People don’t realize the perils of obesity, even most of the educated class succumb to flashy advertisements of fast food companies like McDonalds, KFC. Children of the affluent class are the easy pray of these companies, parents find it very difficult to discourage children from buying high calorie burgers, pizzas.

Obesity in children is a growing menace, morbid obesity can only be controlled with bariatric surgical procedures. Gastric Bypass procedure Roux-en-Y (RNY) is a very popular bariatric surgical procedure in controlling morbid obesity.

People with morbid obesity problem should consult a well experienced bariatric surgeon to get rid of morbid obesity.

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