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Thyroid Paradox

The conventional Thyroid test (TSH) does not detect the presence of Hypothyroidism all the time. Hypothyroidism refers to the low thyroid activity. Its been noted in multiple surveys that people with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune disease can have a very normal TSH level.

In order to diagnose  patient suffering with low thyroid activity their TSH levels should be over 4.50 uU/ml, but in case of patients suffering with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune disease the TSH shows as normal (.045 – 4.5 uU/ml) but still they suffer with Hypothyroidism.

Very often patients complain with standard symptoms of hypothyroidism like gaining weight, constipation,fatigue,dry skin, body aching but the standard thyroid test TSH shows the results the other way. The results indicate normal functioning of thyroid but patients keep complaining all standard symptoms. Doctors end up concluding that such patients do not suffer with thyroid problem. Such paradox of wrong diagnosis is popularly known as ‘Thyroid Paradox’.

TSH is the de facto choice of diagnostic test for detecting thyroid problems, TSH – (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test puts forward the functioning of the thyroid gland but there seems to be a lacunae in this TSH test. For handling such thyroid problems, we  need some expert physician to understand the underlying paradoxes. An experienced endocrinologist needs to be consulted for treating thyroid paradox cases.

Additionally cases related to Thyroid Parathyroid may require surgical intervention, then patients need to also consult an experienced laparoscopic surgeon with very good understanding of the endocrine system to treat the problem.