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Bariatric Surgeon India

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What are the pre-operative requirements in order to undergo either bariatric operation?

Bariatric surgery is different from other surgeries. It changes your whole personality, alters your physical, mental and emotional health. It is one of those surgeries where pre-operative care is equally important as post-operative care. The more thought and lifestyle changes the patient makes before surgery, the easier the transition will be, and the better will be your weight loss results. Ensure your body’s health for the procedure, and at the same time be emotionally strong. Both of them equally contribute to the success of the journey and weight loss that follows. In this blog, let us look at some of the preparations you can do before going through the procedure.

How to prepare for bariatric surgery?

Is your hunger real? 

Question yourself about why you eat. If the reasons are other than hunger, such as boredom, stress, emotional eating, boredom, then you’ll do it post-surgery too. Surgery will alter the portions you consume but still won’t change what and why you eat. Even before surgery, develop healthy eating habits like cutting down on junk food, eating small portions, and eating a nutritious, balanced diet. If your reason for eating is stress, then switch over to healthy coping methods such as yoga, meditation, developing hobbies, spending time with loved ones etc.

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Start with realistic expectations.

This is a very crucial step because bear in mind that immediately after the surgery, you won’t wake up as a thin person. Bariatric surgery is an important milestone in a long weight loss journey. Do not get disheartened if your results are not similar to someone you know who had bariatric surgery. Weight loss after the surgery is unique to everyone because of their lifestyle, dietary habits, and exercise patterns. There are wide varieties of bariatric surgeries, and the results vary based on the type of surgery you underwent. The type of surgery is decided after a thorough investigation by your surgeon and after discussing with you. Half of the excess weight is expected to be lost within the first six months. The patient then hit a plateau, and it might take another year to achieve the weight loss goal.

Knowing what The journey will be like for you would help you prepare you and your family ahead of the process, and there will be a few surprises along the way.

Do not be alone

Support is crucial if you are thinking about surgery. It will help you stay motivated And provide the necessary guidance in this journey if your bariatric surgeon has a multi-disciplinary team and if they have a unique program, enrol in that so that you will have the company of many others who are on the same path as you are. In addition, your support team will be the best place to vent out if you are having an off day. You can also consider online support groups and connect with them virtually before you undergo the procedure.

Recognize the importance of physical activity

Exercise is much more than just burning calories. It helps regulate blood sugar, reduces the risk of heart disease, helps you stay focused and determined with your fitness goals, improves sleep and overall mood. It is widely known that if you are getting good sleep and are in a good mood, you will not go into binge-eating. Most people go through muscle loss post-surgery, so exercise also helps maintain muscle strength and endurance. Do not excessively count the number of calories you will lose by every exercise that you do. Be natural and follow the exercise program as recommended by a bariatric surgeon along with the diet chart. 

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Take a chat about your other addictions

Alcohol consumption is dangerous in two ways because it is high in calories and reduces your self-control. Loss of self-control makes you susceptible to overeating. After the surgery, alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker, so the intoxicating effects will also be more. For example, just one drink can put your body above the legal blood alcohol limit. 

Addiction to tobacco causes respiratory problems and ulcers in cases of bariatric surgeries. In addition, for some, smoking can lead to post-surgical stomach irritation, so talk to your doctor and plan on how to control your smoking before the surgery itself.

Remember the benefits and all that you will gain.

The benefits include:- 

  • Improved cardiovascular health.
  • Long-term remission for type 2 diabetes.
  • Improved blood pressure.
  • Relief from depression. 
  • Elimination of obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Improved fertility.
  • Reduction in problems related to pregnancy complications, cancer, gallbladder disease and more.

So in a nutshell:-

  • Get started on a workout routine that will help you reach and keep your weight loss goals.
  • Reduce your daily calorie intake to a range between 1200-1500 calories
  • Approximately one month before surgery, avoid consuming caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and smoking.

Talk to your doctor and get to know how to prepare for your bariatric weight loss surgery. Dr V.Pareek and his team will fully prepare you and your family before the surgery, and they will also help you decide what kind of bariatric surgery is best for you. So call us or WhatsApp us at +91-9177777715.

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