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Bariatric Surgeon India

Know the best Ways to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery at Bariatric Surgeon India, One of the best Weight loss treatment Centres in Hyderabad

Getting Ready For Bariatric Surgery? How To Prepare For Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is an excellent tool for controlling your weight. But it requires a lot of hard work and preparation before the surgery. The more lifestyle changes you make before surgery, the easier the transition will be, and better will be to lose weight.

You need to take many essential steps to prepare for weight loss (bariatric) surgery, and your lifestyle change commitments begin before the surgery itself. Here, this article helps you with the things you can do today to prepare for Dr Venu Gopal Pareek’s weight loss surgery.

Things to Do When Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

Think about what you are eating: Bariatric surgery is not brain surgery. So if you eat for reasons other than being hungry, i.e. Stress, boredom, habits, emotions, you still have trouble getting rid of hunger in your head. Surgery changes how much you can eat at one time, but does not require changing what you eat or why you eat. Build a safe nutritional environment to avoid useless eating. Keep food away from the table, eat undisturbed, and eat off the plate, not from the wrapper.

Change your relationship with food:
Best Diet Menu for Weight Loss for Men and Women at Bariatric surgeon India The clinic, One of the best Bariatric Surgery Specialty Hospitals in Hyderabad

  1. Think of food as your body’s primary fuel and watch how your body reacts to the food you eat.
  2. Increase your awareness of external signals about eating, as well as signs of satiety (satiety).
  3. Eat carefully – avoid eating distractedly (including at the table or while watching TV).
  4. Focus on eating slowly, chewing thoroughly, really tasting and flavouring your food.
  5. Strive to reduce or eliminate unnecessary eating when you are bored, tired, stressed or use food to manage emotions.

Focus on your mental and emotional health: 
Best Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health Today at Bariatric Surgeon India, One of the best Weight loss treatment clinics in Hyderabad

  • Consider what factors contribute to your weight and what are preventing changes in your life.
  • Think about your willingness to change. 
  • Consider keeping a list or journal of the healthy and motivational lifestyle changes you make. 
  • Develop a support network of positive, caring people. 
  • Find alternative ways to deal with emotional eating. 
  • Remember that changing your lifestyle is a time-consuming process – take baby steps, set realistic goals, and stay positive.

Please don’t compare yourself with others: Everyone has their own story and struggles, and everyone will tackle them differently. Remember that everyone will lose weight at a different rate and in a different way. A person who starts harder will experience more weight loss. Focus on what you control and do the best you can before and after surgery.

Followup: Losing weight and changing your lifestyle in the first year is the “easy” part, and losing weight is challenging. Follow up with your bariatric team helps to build a strong relationship and allows you to share challenges. Follow up is also a great way to make sure you go out and check your blood count for vitamin deficiencies. 

Take a photo! Before and after pictures can be very motivating. You don’t feel or see progress every day, so it’s good to look back at where you came from, both physically and mentally. Photos also allow you to focus on not falling back into old habits!

Learn more about weight loss surgery: Read books, search websites, join support groups, and talk to other people who have had surgery to learn about procedures, risks, and lifestyle changes.

If you smoke, quit smoking, and stop using all tobacco and nicotine products: Smoking and use of tobacco and nicotine products have been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of complications during and after bariatric surgery. We require our patients to be tobacco-free and exclude all nicotine products for at least three months before starting exercise before surgery.

Change your diet: Try eating three regular meals and one or two small snacks a day. When planning meals, be sure to include breakfast and avoid eating within four hours of going to bed. Focus on increasing protein and fresh fruits and vegetables while reducing or eliminating sugar and high-fat foods and fast food and restaurant dishes.

Start by tracking your food and water: keeping track of your eating and drinking habits can provide valuable information and help you identify improvement areas. Use our handy food and drink tracker.

Drink more water and limit all other drinks: Follow your body’s thirst signals. Each and everybody needs at least 64 ounces of water every day. Identify and eliminate or limit the intake of liquid calorie sources, like alcohol, soda, juices, energy drinks, and coffee with cream or sugar. Get rid of caffeinated and carbonated beverages. Stop drinking fluids during meals and wait 30 minutes after eating before drinking. Starting with regular training will help you get closer to the date of your bariatric surgery.
Know the benefits of drinking water and other water facts related to Weight loss treatment

Start an exercise routine:

  1. Start small and create a consistent physical activity plan that suits your abilities – short walks, chair workouts, and a slight increase in daily activity can make a difference.
  2. Find an activity that you enjoy and focus on its frequency, not intensity.
  3. Gradually, take time to exercise by adding a few minutes of activity each day.

Commit not to gain any extra weight: It is important not to gain weight while preparing for surgery. Avoid the “last supper” and overeat for later diet and lifestyle changes. Your health care provider’s team can discuss additional weight loss goals with you before surgery.
Contact with Dr. Venugopal Pareek about Physical Exercises after Bariatric surgery, One of the best Bariatric Surgery Specialists in Hyderabad


Ultimately, bariatric surgery will give you what you do. Everything you do to prepare for surgery pays off, and everything else allows you to learn from your mistakes. 

Whether you are considering a gastric balloon, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric band, or gastric bypass, Dr Venu Gopal Pareek, a qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon, offers best bariatric surgery that suits your condition. 

Dr Venu Gopal Pareek will work in a multidisciplinary team working together to come up with the best plan of action for you. This includes a nutritionist who will meet with you and create a customized nutrition plan, as well as trained specialists and nurses who will accompany you throughout your trip to assist and advise in reaching your goals. Contact Dr Venu Gopal Pareek at 091777 77715.

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