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Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

Teenage obesity is one of the serious and widespread problems in present generation teens. There is no magic that can help teen for sudden weight loss, but there’s plenty we can do to help the teens.

Parents should start encouraging teens to adopt healthy habits first.

If a teen is overweight, he or she is concerned about the health and wanted to reduce their excess weight immediately. Not only health risks like high blood pressure and diabetes but also the social and emotional status of being overweight will also be overwhelming for a teenager. He or she might face teasing, bullying and low self-esteem.

Losing extra body fat can surely improve health and increases the self-confidence of teenagers.

However, the context is losing weight – It is important for teenagers to get a healthy lifestyle. Here are some healthy weight loss tips for teenagers.

    • Limit Sweetened Beverages

Probably, cut back of sweetened beverages is one of the easiest ways to get rid of excess weight. Beverages like sodas, sweet teas, energy drinks and fruit drinks are filled with added sugars.

Many studies stated that consumption of high added sugars can lead to extra weight gain in teenage people. Sometimes it also increases the risk of particular health conditions like fatty liver diseases, type 2 diabetes, acne, and cavities.

So, teenagers avoid sweetened beverages as much as possible.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

    • Physical Activity

You don’t have to strain much to become physically fit by joining in sports or gym. Simply avoid prolonged sitting and move your body more to lose excess body fat.

Just by increasing overall daily activities you can also increase your muscle mass, which helps your body to burn calories more effectively.

Of course, trying out new sporting activities like biking, walking, yoga, swimming and dancing will surely play a key role to keep physically fit. You can truly enjoy these sporting activities which will also boost your mood and brings you out of depressive symptoms.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

    • Fuel Up Your Body With Nourishing Foods

Instead of focusing on calorie-rich food, the best way is to choose nutrient-rich foods, which include vitamins, minerals, and fibre which can improve metabolic rate. Because teenagers growing children, they require higher needs for certain nutrients like phosphorus and calcium than adults.

Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains because they are fibre rich foods and also nutritious which also encourages weight loss by improving the metabolic rate and easy digestion. Proper intake of proteins rich food sources like eggs, chicken, nuts and beans also helps you to stay active.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

    • Don’t Cut Down Fat Completely

Teenagers are bodies are in the growing stage so they need more fat than adults. If you completely cut down fat it may cause health issues.

When teenagers trying to lose their weight, it’s common to cut out fat sources because of their rich calorie content. However, If you completely cut down fat intake it may negatively impact the growth.

Instead of rapid reduction of your fat intake, try to focus on avoiding unhealthy fats, like deep-fried foods and sugary baked goods.

    • Cut Down Added Sugars

Teenagers always tend to eat high sugar foods like candy, sugary cereals, cookies, and other processed sweetened foods. When teens trying to lose excess body weight and improve health it is essential to cut back on added sugars.

Most foods available now are high in added sugars and has low protein and fibre content. This can lead to appetite fluctuations and tend to overeat throughout the day. High-sugar foods not only cause hunger but also negatively impacts the sleep and mood changes in teens.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

    • Don’t Skip Meals

Even though skipping meals seems like helping you to lose weight, but it actually causes you to eat more throughout the day due to hunger. Many studies say that teens who skip breakfast are more likely to be obese than those who regularly consume breakfast.

Most of the teens skipping their breakfast and opting for a quick meal which includes a high-sugar snack bar, instead of skipping breakfast teenagers should make a habit of eating a balanced meal as a priority. Additionally, taking a balanced breakfast rich in protein can keep you energetic until your next meal. Skipping meals can also cause various health issues like gastric problems.

    • Avoid Fad Diets

The pressure of losing weight quickly in teens tend to habituate fad dieting. There are innumerable fad diets some of them are promoted by famous celebrities. Teenagers should understand that restrictive fad diets will rarely work for the long term and can even cause harm to your health.

Instead of concentrating on short-term weight loss programs, teenagers should focus on slow, consistent, healthy weight loss.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

    • Ditch Diet Foods

Foods and drinks are featured as “diet-friendly” might be packed with artificial sweeteners, harmful fats, and other ingredients which can cause various health issues.

Sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame can cause migraines and even weight gain in some cases. Usually, diet foods and beverages are highly processed, they contain very very fewer nutrients but rich in calories.

So, teenagers who don’t want to be fat or want to reduce their weight should stop eating these diet items and choose unprocessed and filling foods for snacks and meals.

    • Always Stay Hydrated

Drinking adequate water is crucial for overall health which helps you to maintain a healthy weight.

Instead of drinking sugary beverages like soda and other sports drinks, drink pure water which helps to reduce the consumption of excess calorie and encourages healthy weight loss.

Staying hydrated properly can also improve your academic and athletic stature.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

    • Be Stress-Free

Stress can cause hormonal changes like increasing the levels of the hormone called cortisol which increase hunger and also promotes weight gain.

Too much stress in teenage life can negatively impact weight loss. Practising yoga, meditation, spending for gardening, exercise can help to decrease stress levels and increases a feeling of relaxation.

    • Get Enough Sleep

Getting sufficient sleep is the best way for a healthy lifestyle and also for maintaining healthy body weight.

Many studies explained that teens who don’t get enough sleep are weighing more than those who sleep properly. Experts recommend teens need to sleep for nine to ten hours per day for optimal functioning of the body.

Losing excess body fat can improve your health, self-confidence, and of course, the quality of life in teens. However, teenage people should be mindful in following safe and healthy weight loss practices to reach their goals.

Simple practises like reducing added sugars, proper exercise, and eating nutritious foods are effective ways for teenagers to lose their weight.

Feed your body with rich nutritious foods and take ample care with some physical activities daily is also one of the best ways to gain optimal health. If you tired of different weight loss practices or want to best and healthy weight loss tips, contact our experts doctors right away.

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Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

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